Welcome to Practically Mike, where I’ll delve into budget travel, entertainment, dining, cooking, and all-around living. I’m very practical-minded, so the general approach that I’ll take in at Practically Mike is to present options from the most budget-friendly to something that would best be described as “midscale”. If you’re looking for a lot of posts about luxury, you’ll probably be disappointed (though I’m not beyond doing something extravagant from time-to-time, and will certainly post about it when I do).

I have the luxury of being budget-conscious largely by choice. I don’t earn a ton of money, but I earn enough to save up and take an elaborate vacation every few years. But I choose an alternate path. I’d rather take more less-expensive (or even cheap) vacations a lot more often, than to save up for something big every few years.

Besides traveling on a budget, I use Practically Mike to share a variety of other items of interest, particularly in the realm of alternate cooking methods, ketogenic and low-carb dieting, and other topics as the urge strikes me.

I share Practically Mike not as a vehicle for me to communicate TO you, but for us to share our knowledge, experience, and learnings. By experiencing, our growth is the sum of our experiences. By sharing our experiences, we all grow exponentially. That is a powerful thing.